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Publications:  9


Smt. A Remya

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Academic Qualification: M. Sc., B. Ed.

Additional Qualification: Tally



Personal Details :

Marital Status : Married

Date of Joining : 16.10.2016

Research Experience & Area of Specialisation

  • Taxonomy: Identification medicinal plants used in Indian systems of medicine in fresh and dried form.
  • Pharmacognosy: Macro-, microscopic examination of raw drugs, quantitative microscopy, camera
  • DNA isolation techniques – both CTAB and kit based method


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  2. Brindha S, Divya KG, Remya A, Sunil Kumar KN, Sathiya Rajeswaran P. Foliar Macro-micro-morphology of Capparis zeylanica L. J Ayu Med Sci 2017;2(2):174-8. DOI: 10.5530/jams.2017.2.9 (ISSN 2456–4990).
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  4. Mattummal R, Gopi DK, Sundaramoorthy B, Bobbili E, Andalil R, Sunil Kumar KN, Parameswaran SR. Morpho-anatomical evaluation of Punkam poo (Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre) a main ingredient of Siddha formulation Punkampoo Choornnam. J Ayu Med Sci 2018;3(1):318-25.
  5. Kallingil Gopi Divya, Mattumal Rubeena, Brindha Sundaramoorthy, Erni Bobbili, Remya A, Koppala Narayana Sunil Kumar. Macro-microscopic profiling of Azinjil, Aavaram and Marukkarai ver pattai (root bark) of Siddha. Int J Res Ayurveda Pharm 2018;9(4):62-69.
  6. Divya KG, Rubeena M, Remya A, Erni B, Brindha S, Sunil Kumar KN, Sathiya Rajeswaran P. Macro – microscopic characterization of the Punica granatum flower. J Ayu Med Sci 2018;3(2):384-9.
  7. Andalil R, Mattummal R, Gopi DK, Sundaramoorthy B, Bobbili E, Narayana SKK. Pharmacognostic Evaluation of Key Ingredient of Valampuritailam: Helicteres isora L. fruit. J Ayu Med Sci 2018;3(4):446-50.
  8. Divya KG, Rubeena M, Remya A, Erni B, Brindha S, Sunil Kumar KN, Sujith T, Shakila R. Identity profile of Moringa oleifera Lam. Flower. International Journal of Botany Studies 2019;4(4);90-9.
  9. Remya A and Sunil Kumar KN. A review on critically endangered species of Acanthacea: Justicia beddomei (Clarke) bennet: An immune booster. JMPS 2020; 8(6): 94-98.


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