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Established in the year 1971, this institute conducts clinical research with the help of OPD/IPD, Pathology and Biochemistry departments, drug research with the Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology departments and literary research. This institute has its own pharmacy.
Standard of Services:

This  institute  is  providing medical  care to  patients  seeking Siddha medicines  through  its
OutPatient and In-Patient Departments (OPD & IPD).  The laboratory investigations are free only for patients below poverty line, senior citizens reporting to Geriatric OPD and those participating in research projects. OPD registration fees of Rs.10/- and the fees for investigations as fixed by the Council from time to time are applicable to other patients.

Out Patient Department (OPD):

General OPD functions from 8.00 am to 12.00 noon every day.

Special OP services :

Diabetes Mellitus OP on Mondays.
Geriatric  OP on Tuesdays.
Varmam and Thokkanam on all days. Timing : to 12.00 noon

In-PatientDepartment (IPD):

50 - bedded hospital
Patients willing to participate in Research Projects are admitted in IPD wards available separately for both males and females and treated free of cost.
Visitors are allowed only between 4.00 pm and 6.00pm.

Investigation facilities / Laboratories:

The facilities for pathological and bio-chemical tests are available from 8.00 am to 11.30 am.
Investigation facilities to the OPD/IPD research cases, senior citizens reporting to Geriatric
OPD and patients below poverty line are provided free of cost.
The charges for investigation as fixed by the Council will be collected from the patients of general category.
The investigations include X-Ray, Clinical Pathology and Biochemistry.

Other facilities:

Wheel chairs and walkers are available
Generator is available for uninterrupted power supply
Adequate drinking water and toilet facilities are available Ø Lift is available




Information Display:

Signage indicating OPD/IPD and various departments are fixed at relevant places.
There is one enquiry cum registration counter
Any information regarding OPD/IPD is available over phone No.044-26214925.


In case of emergency, needing conventional treatment, the patients are referred to KMC/Anna peripheral hospital/Govt. hospital, Chennai.

Other Services:
Providing services like authentication, standardization, pharmacological studies of drugs to the research
scholars / students through departments of Pharmacognosy, Chemistry and Pharmacology respectively.

Herbarium and Museum:

120 Herbarium specimens and 150 raw drugs are being maintained.

Library Services:

This institute has literary research and documentation department(LR&DD). In the library, 2200

Manuscripts, 3507 books of Siddha and various subjects and 460 back volumes are maintained. Publications are available for sale with considerable discount for students / research scholars.