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Publications:  30 Articles

Presentations:  10

Books Published:  4 Chapter in the book - Medicinal Plants in India - Importance and cultivation. Part –IV
1 Chapter in the book - Plant Stress Physiology

Conferences & Workshops Attended:  20

Dr KG Divya

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Academic Qualification: PhD Botany

Additional Qualification: Diploma in software development



Personal Details :

Marital Status : Unmarried

Date of Joining : 30.12.2016

Research Experience & Area of Specialisation

  • 14 years
  • Palynology: Angiosperms and Pteridophytes spores with Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Taxonomy: Identification medicinal plants used in Indian systems of medicine in fresh and dried form.
  • Pharmacognosy: Macro-, microscopic examination of raw drugs, quantitative microscopy, camera lucida drawing.
  • Standardization: Derivation of Pharmacopoeial standards and preparation of monographs for medicinal materials.
  • DNA isolation techniques


Co-PI in IMR project entitled Development of DNA based markers for some substituent/ adulterant/controversial Siddha Medicinal Plants (Budget 70.92 Lakhs)


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2. Soumya M, Divya KG, Kmar SV, Nair MC. Heliotropium rottleri Lehm.: A lesser known endemic taxa in vulnerable hydrogeomorphic gap areas of Southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India. International Journal. 2015;3(3):1213-22.
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Books Published

Chapters in Book
SN Ghosh, Prabhat Singh, Govindarajan Nartunai, Aditi Guha Choudhury (Editors). Medicinal Plants in India - Importance and Cultivation. Part – IV. New Delhi: Jaya Publishing house.
1. Chapter 13. Divya KG, Sunil Kumar KN, Nartunai G. Duboisia myoporoides R.Br. – p.180-91.
2. Chapter 18. Divya KG, Sunil Kumar KN, Nartunai G and Senthilkumar M. Inula racemosa Hook. f. – p.250-66.
3. Chapter 28. Divya KG, Sunil Kumar KN, Nartunai G and Subramani SP. Sinopodophyllum hexandrum (Royle) T.S.Ying – p.391-405.
4. Chapter 35. Divya KG, Sunil Kumar KN, Nartunai G, Subramani SP and Senthilkumar M. Uraria picta (Jacq.) DC. – p.483-96.
5. In book: Plant Stress Physiology August 2020; DOI:10.5772/intechopen.93396
Chapter: Characterization of Selected Drought Tolerance Rice Landraces: A Case in Kerala, India


Dr. P.D. Sethi Memorial National Award 2019 for the Best Research Papers on “Application of TLC / HPTLC in Pharma, Herbal and other Analysis” from India.