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Official Language - Hindi

Official Language Hindi is being implemented in this institute. Concerted errorts are being made for the implementation of the Official Languages Policy, Official Languages Act 1963, Rules and Orders issued by the Department of Official Language Hindi for the progressive use of Hindi. Some of the functions of the Official Language section are as follows.

1. The Official Language Implementation Committee meeting are being conducted regualry.

2. The Quarterly progress reports of Official language Hindi are being forwarded to the Head quarter

3. As a member office of the TOLIC, this institute is participating in the TOLIC meeting and submitting its reports

4. Workshops on Official Languae Hindi are being conducting in the Institute for the promotion of Hindi.
5. Standard forms and Drafts are being prepared in Bi-lingual
6. Hindi day and Hindi Week are being celebrated regularly.
7. Siddha Books are being translated in to Hindi
* Apart from all above, the Official Language Hindi is being implemented according to the O.L policy.