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Participation in Workshop/ conference/ Seminars/Arogya Mela:  27

Monographs: 81

Publications: 60

Presentation: 18 ( National 4,International 14)

Conference & Workshop Organised: Conducted a 6 days CME training programme on, “Analytical Techniques used in standardization of ASU drugs” for AYUSH doctors during 17.4.2023 to 22.4.2023.


Dr. R.Shakila

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Academic Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Specialization: Analytical chemistry, Phytochemistry, Instrumentation (HPTLC/HPLC/PXRD)


Additional Qualification:

Diploma in Factory Law Management


Personal Details:
Marital Status: Married

Date of Birth: 21/06/1973

Date of Joining: 19/12/2010

Research Experience & Area of Specialisation

  • 22 years of research experience in standardization of ISM drugs.
  • Analytical chemistry, Phytochemistry, Instrumentation (HPTLC/HPLC/PXRD).


Current Project:
To develop Pharmacopoeia monographs on single drugs of plant origin sponsored by PCIM & H.

Completed Projects:

Intramural Research Project:-
Isolation of chemical marker from selected plants used in Reproductive and child Health.
2.Analysis of Inorganic composition of Selected plants used in Siddha system.

Extramural Research Project :-
To develop pharmacopoeial monographs on Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) of manufacturing processes and quality standards of Ayurveda/ Siddha/ Unani/ Homoeopathy (ASU&H) formulations (including stability studies) sponsored by PCIM & H.


Web of Science (SCIE) Indexed Journals
  • Sujith T, Murugammal S, Shakila R , Gopinath P. Screening of lupeol, lupeol acetate, β-sitosterol, ρ-coumaric acid and protocatechuic acid in Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R.Br. & Decalepis hamiltonii Wight & Arn. followed by quantification using HPTLC for quality assessment. Journal of Applied Research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. 2023; Scopus IF: 3.9.
  • Thanalakshmi J, Archana, Senthilkumar S, Shakila R , Pazhanivel N, Subhashini S. Role of caloric vestibular stimulation in improvement of motor symptoms and inhibition of neuronal degeneration in rotenone model of Parkinson's disease – An experimental study. Physiol Int. 2020; 107(3): 390-405. DOI: IF: 1.697
  • Subashini S, Raju K, Sujith T, Shyamala R, Shakila R.Differentiation of Market Samples of Chennai Nagakesara and Nagakesara by Chromatographic Techniques. Indian J Pharmaceut Sci 2021; 83 (4), 775-84. DOI: 10.36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.829. IF 0.5
  • Sunilkumar KN, Shakila R , Balakrishna K, Amerjothi S. Phytochemical examination of compounds from Mango mistletoe - Helicanthus elastica (Desr.) Danser. Indian J Chem Sec B. 2015; 54B(7): 924-929. Scopus IF: 0.5.
  • 5. A. Saraswathy, R. Shakila , Mercy Lavanya S, A. Arunmozhi Devi. Volatile constituents of Illicium griffithii Hook f. et. fruit and its antimicrobial activity. Phcog Mag. 2010; 2(23): 208-211. DOI: 10.4103/0973-1296.66938. PMCID: PMC2950384. IF: 0.5
Web of Science (ESCI) Indexed Journals
  • Brinda S, Mandal AK, Vinayak S, Shree Devi MS, Sunil Kumar KN, Shakila R , Sathiyarajeswaran P, Kiruthiga G. Standardization of Kirāmpu Kutinīr Decoction and Extract Granules using pharmacognostic, physicochemical and HPTLC Studies. Int J Pharm Investigation 2021; 11(4): 1-6. DOI: 10.5530/ijpi.2021.3.52. IF: 0.5.
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  • Susikumar S, Gokula Kannan S, Achintya Kumar Mandal, Shakila R , Sunil Kumar KN, Senthilvel G. Macro-microscopic and HPTLC Atlas of Canavalia gladiata (Jacq.) DC. Fruit. Phcog Res. 2023; 15(2): 277-287. DOI:10.5530/pres.15.2.030. IF:0.7
  • Sujith T, Susikumar S, Sunilkumar KN, Radha P, Shakila R , Gopinath P. Detection of adulteration of Decalepis hamiltonii Wight & Arn. With Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R. Br. by pharmacognostic, molecular DNA fingerprinting by RAPD, chemical and HPTLC studies. Plant Science Today. 2021; 8(3): 610–620. IF: 0.9.
  • Mandal A K, Sujith T, Rajesh A, Divya KG, Sunilkumar KN, Shakila R . Powdermicroscopic, physicochemical and chromatographic approach for the quality control of anti-hypertensive drug Rattha Piththathirku Kudinir Chooranam. Plant Science Today. 2021; 8(3): 604–609. IF: 0.9.
  • Brindha S, Remya A, Divya KG, Rubeena M, Erni B, Murugammal S, ShakilaR , Sunilkumar KN. Key distinguishing characters (KDCs) of official (Boerhaavia diffusa L.) and commonly mistaken (Trianthema portulacastrum L.) sources of Mukkirattai of Siddha. Plant Science Today. 2020; 7(3): 391-403. DOI: IF: 0.9.
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Scopus Indexed Journals
  • Murugammal S, Subashini S, Shakila R . Method development and validation for quantification of six bioactive compounds (andrographolide, columbin, gallic acid, ρ-coumaric acid, piperine and oleanolic acid) by High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography. J Complement Integr Med. 2022; PMID: 36384045 IF: 1.824.
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Other Peer Reviewed Journals
  • R.Ganesan, R.Nithya, B.Nandhini, R.Shakila , A.Rajesh, F. Mahesh P.Sathiya Rajeswaran. Phytochemical analysis of siddha polyherbal formulation Arathai Kudineer Churnam. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry. 2018; 7(6): 2467-2470.
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Book Publications

81 monographs which are published in the book series of “ Quality Standards of Indian Medicinal Plants (QSIMP) ”, Vol. 5-14, published by Indian Council of Medical Research , New Delhi.

Monograph on Ayush Kudinir Chooranam published by PCIM

Chapter In Book K Santhiya-Nair, P Logeiswariy, S Sreeramanan, R Shakila, Y Chen, YH Leong, S Karupiah, S Sasidharan. Purification of herbal biomolecules. In: Herbal Biomolecules in Healthcare Applications. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Academic Press: 2022, p47-62.

Abroad Visit

Place of visit

Japan (Osaka)


22.7.2018 to 26.7.2018

Purpose of visit



Won the first prize for oral presentation in International Conference on Green Technologies for Sustainable Development (GTSD-2022) during15 &16th December 2022 organized by Department of Plant Biotechnology, Presidency College, Chennai. (Narayana K, Rajesh C, Shakila R, Sunilkumar KN, Abdul Kader S. Comparison of phytochemical similarities of aerial parts of three Pterospermum sp. by HPTLC fingerprinting.)

Won the first prize for poster paper in International conference “Dr.Parivendar Research Colloquium (DPRC 2022)” organized by SRM Institute of Technology, Kattangkulathur, Chennai (Sujith T, Murugammal S, Subashini S, Shakila R, Gopinath P. Screening of lupeol, lupeol acetate, β-sitosterol, ρ-coumaric acid and protocatechic acid in Hemidesmus indicus & Decalepis hamiltonii and Quantification followed by validation by using high-performance thin-layer chromatography.)

The paper, “Shakila R , Ganesan R, Arul Antony S, Duraipandiyan V. Analytical and HPTLC studies on Coldenia procumbens Linn. whole plant. Journal of Innovations in Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences. 2017; 4(2): 28-35” has been awarded the certificate of appreciation by Dr.P.D.Sethi Annual Award – 2018 for the best research papers on application of TLC/HPTLC in Pharma, Herbal and Miscellaneous analysis.

A.Saraswathy, R. Shakila , K.N.Sunil Kumar. HPTLC finger print profile of some Cinnamomum species.Pharmacognosy Journal 2010; 2(7): 211-215. has been awarded the certificate of appreciation by Dr.P.D.Sethi Annual Award – 2010 for the best research papers on application of TLC/HPTLC in Pharma, Herbal and Miscellaneous analysis.

A.Saraswathi, A.K.Meena, R.Shakila , K.N.Sunil Kumar, S.Ariyanathan. Standardisation studies on Alangium salvifolium (Linn.f.) Wang. root bark. Pharmacognosy Journal 2010; 2(11): 374-380” has been awarded the certificate of appreciation by Dr.P.D.Sethi Annual Award – 2010 for the best research papers on application of TLC/HPTLC in Pharma, Herbal and Miscellaneous analysis.