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In the year 1979, Drug Research Scheme (Multidisciplinary) and Drug Standardisation Research Unit(S) at CSMDRIA were established with Pharmacognosy department. Both the Units were merged with Central Research Institute (S) in September 1999.

Core facilities (R&D)

  • Nikon microscope with Nikon photographic equipments.
  • Stereo zoom microscope


“The  Siddha  Pharmacopoeia of India” Part I, Vol - I & II
“The Siddha Formulary of India” Part II (Tamil)


  • Identification of plants / raw drugs.
  • Anatomy/ Pharmacognostic study of plants / raw drugs.
  • Powder microscopy (single drug/poly herbal formulation)
  • Quantitative microscopy
  • Guidance to students / Research scholars
  • Certification of commercial drugs/plants for research purpose as ordered by the council.

Staff pattern

Research officer (Pharmacognosy)      -1
Asst. Research officer (Botany/
Pharmacognosy)                                   -3
Research Assistant                                -2
Lab Technician                                     
Field attendant                                    
Lab attendant                                                 


Binocular Research microscopes
Trinocular microscope
Dissection microscope
Hot air oven
Slide warming table
Citizen electronic balance



Patent/Product development



Pharmacognosy Lab I   -  8.77 m x 4.6 m
Lab II -  8.8 m   x 4.65 m
Herbarium & Museum -  8.85m  x 4.6m



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Contact us:

26214925 Ext. 232