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    Background: The Department of Bio-Chemistry has established in the year 1972 headed by the then R.O. M.R.Uma, Research Officer(Bio-Chemistry).

    Now the Department of Biochemistry Laboratory has been redefined with high quality time tested, durable steel lab furnitures, consists of modular table with black granite top and well equipped automatic analyzer (Bio-System BA 400) capable of testing 400 samples per hour producing accurate results.

    It is great boon to the Siddha drug Research Project activities of this Institution as well service to the General Public.

    The quality of the tests, regents and instruments have been thoroughly checked and monitored periodically. Participating in the CMC VELLORE QUALITY CONTROL STANDARDS ASSESSMENT PROGRAMMES among the reputed Bio-Chemical inter-laboratories.The CMC Vellore has appreciated the assessment of our Bio-Chemical standard. The Department has involved many research oriented projects samples of Ph.D Schloars of National Institute of Siddha (NIS), Govt.Siddha Medical college and other institution all over the research institution and colleges.

    Core facilities (R&D):

    • Analysis of biochemical markers.
    • Analysis of Antioxidant study for the herbal drugs.
    • Estimations of Thyroid profile.


      Projects: Involved

      Multicentric open clinical trail of selected drugs in Iron deficiency anaemia.

    • Open observational study on clinical safety of selected Ayurveda/Siddha herbomineral /Metallic preparations.



    Multicentric open labeled clinical trial on neerizhivu (diabetes mellitus).

    • Multicentric open labeled clinical trial on kalanjakapadai (psoriasis).


      Current -To be stared (SAB-approved).

      • Evaluate the Antidiabetic activity of Argyreia serecea.Dazell against streptozotocin induced diabetes in rats.
      • Evaluate the Nephroprotective Effect of Sphreanthus amarathoides Burm.f. against Gentamycin induced nephrotoxicity in Rats


      Future plan-Correlation of C-Reactive Protein(CRP) with Diabetic profile in Type-2 Diabetus mellitus.

      • Services: Analysis of biochemical markers
      • Diabetic Profile (Sugar F/PP/R, HbA1c etc.)
      • Liver Function Tests (LFT),
      • Renal Function Tests (RFT),
      • Serum Electrolytes (Na+,K+ and Cl-)
      • Thyroid Hormones (T3,T4 and TSH) and
      • Routine Serology ,Immunology, Hormones and Enzymes etc.,.
      • Providing One Month Internship  Observational Training Programme for students .


      Staff pattern:

      R.Ganesan –Assistant Director(Biochemistry),HOD.
      D.Ramani -  Research Assitant
      A.Govindan- Lab-Technician


      • Fully Automated Analyser (BA 400 Bio System-400 tests/hour) - Complete Bio-Chemical Analysis for the out patients, in patients and animal toxic studies.
      • RA-50 Semi Auto Analyser-For routine Biochemical analysis.
      • Remi Cooling Incubator - for incubation process of test samples
      • ELISA Reader-For Immunological assay(like Hormones,Immunoglobulins,HIV etc.,.)
      • ELISA Micro plate Washer (Robokile)-For the hormonal assay washing
      • ELISA Micro plate Shaker (Becco) –For proper mixing of Immuno assay.
      • Fully Automated Electrolyte Analyser: For analysis of  serum electrolytes (Na+,K+ and Cl-).


      • Contact us:044-26214925-Ext.217